Flavours of plenty (1)
Flavours of Plenty Festival
Back for its second year, the Flavours of Plenty Festival is living up to its name with plenty on offer...
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 Raising the Cup
Words Vicki Ravlich Horan Only a year ago it was suggested that $7 flat whites were in our not-too-distant...
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Design Tips with Urban Homes
Words Vicki Ravlich-Horan, images Ashlee Decaires Building a house can be a daunting project, which is...
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Ringing in 20 Years at River Ridge
Words Denise Irvine, Images Ashlee DeCaires Building delays caused River Ridge East Birth Centre to go...
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The Farmers’ Market, a Tauranga Institution, Turns Twenty!
Words Liz French The Tauranga Farmers market began with a dream … and two decades on, it’s very much...
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Flavours of Plenty
Words Vicki Ravlich-Horan The Bay of Plenty got its name for a great reason. While many may believe this...
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On Track at the Bikery
Words David Wrigley Images Ashlee DeCaires The Bikery Café in Cambridge sits, as the name suggests, right...
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But First, Dessert
Words Denise Irvine, Images Brydie Thompson My apple mousse dessert is perfectly formed – it looks just...
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Behind the Market
Words Denise Irvine, Images Whether you are one of the first at Cambridge’s Victoria Square, with your...
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Life with Lexus  
Words Liz French, Images Brydie Thompson The Lexus EV, be it as a hybrid or fully electric, is rapidly...
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Postcards from Portugal
Wayne Good discovers on a recent trip to Portugal there is more to see and taste than pastéis de nata. How...
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