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The first rule of marketing is to target your audience.


Nourish is the perfect vehicle for you to target your market. Nourish will be read by those that are interested in food & lifestyle. This is a huge number of people and growing! These are people who like to eat out, shop at Farmers Markets, want to know more about their food, where it comes from and how to make new and tasty dishes. These are people who want to try new ingredients and products. These are people who will buy!

Nourish is clearly a food biased magazine but this doesn’t mean non food orientated business can benefit from being part of Nourish.  Predominantly our readership is women 30+ so if this is your target market Nourish is for you.
Remember Nourish is local so all or readers are in your area and have access to your product and services.

Because Nourish is FREE there is no barrier for potential new readers to pick-up a copy. We also have a growing list of subscribers, proving that many don’t want to miss a copy.

There is currently nothing as targeted as Nourish available for Waikato and Bay of Plenty food retailers, producers, cafes and restaurants to advertise their services or products. But anyone whose target market is women 30+ should be in Nourish!

Nourish is not written by reporters but food experts and enthusiasts for a like minded audience. This personal tone makes our publication a very powerful advertising tool and our high rate of re-advertisers proves this!

• 10,000 copies of each Bay of Plenty and 10,000 Waikato issues are distributed throughout their respected regions.

• Nourish is printed in full colour on environmentally responsible paper.

• Nourish is a quarterly publication.

• Nourishes tone is personal and therefore allows many great opportunities for highly effective in text mentions.

• Our use of recipes and seasonal flavour encourages readers to read through the magazine more than once giving advertises more opportunities for their content to be seen.

• Our low ad to content ratio means that the ads that do appear are also a lot more effective.

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