Tame Your Mind

Words Harriet Boucher, Image Brydie Thompson

There’s always that one person in your life who you spill the beans to, the person you confide in who gives sound advice. Debbie Eaton has been that person for many.

When that dreaded c-word came in and changed the world, Debbie entered a period of reflection and quietness. She was drawn to make a change not only in her life, but in the lives of the wider community. That’s how the journey of Tame Your Mind started.

Tame Your Mind provides a unique combination of guided meditation (a form of hypnotherapy) and life coaching, you can call Debbie a hypno-coach. A session with Debbie starts with unpacking what issues may be holding you back and what goals you want to achieve. She then takes you into a guided meditation to empower you to make change. Debbie has a cosy space set up for these sessions, but they can also be done from the comfort of your own home via a video call, making it accessible for anyone, anywhere. She tells me that at-home sessions are deeply therapeutic, as we relax best in our own space.

After completing a Professional Hypnotherapy Certificate, Debbie found her mind could override this state and felt like she was capable of more. This is when she brought life coaching into the mix. Life coaching has given her the skills to help clients question their issues, identify what is holding them back, then help them excel and achieve their goals.

The success of a session requires you to be in the right head space to drive change. While Debbie is the guide, you do the work. Debbie works with people suffering from anxiety, depression, IBS, emotional eating, reliance on substance, and stress to name a few. Generally, clients attend three to four sessions to peel back the “multifactorial layers” of their mental turmoil.

While I can’t divulge some of Debbie’s success stories, one of her own experiences illustrates the power of what your mind can do. She had gotten into the habit of indulging in a few too many packaged biscuits after dinner. She knew this had to change. During a session, Debbie convinced herself that they smell like liver, a smell she is utterly repulsed by. On her drive home, she had to throw out the ginger kisses that were in the boot as the smell of liver wafted through the car.

As I chat to Debbie, it becomes evident that knowing your values give you great insight into your perception of the world. Life coaching isn’t just about learning to live life, it’s about working past the obstacles you perceive to be in the way. “The beautiful thing about perception,” says Debbie with a smile, “is it can be changed.”

Debbie finds intense joy in walking beside someone as they reorient themselves. “We are conditioned to avoid our weaknesses, but by strengthening them, we become a stronger and more resilient person.” The sense of achievement a client feels by doing the work themselves brings lasting change.

In a guided meditation, instead of ‘being’ yourself, you’re ‘seeing’ yourself explore the memories that may be the root to your problem. This allows you to experience a wider point of view of the situation. “Our problems lie in the irrational side of our brain and seemingly insignificant experiences can have a huge impact in our everyday lives,” explains Debbie. “Nobody sees what goes on in our mind.” Debbie will help you alter what your subconscious mind controls so you feel acceptance, belonging and love.

Despite this being a relatively new venture, Debbie feels as if she has been doing this work her whole life. She’s continuously learning, finding new tips and tricks, reading resources, and further educating herself to become a change maker in her clients’ lives.

After talking to Debbie for nearly two hours, it’s apparent why she has been the confidant of her clients and friends for years. She radiates warmth, positivity and friendliness, and I feel like I’ve known her forever. I left the conversation with a deeper appreciation for values and mindfulness and with the knowledge that perception is just that – it can be changed. You can trust Debbie to combine the best of hypnotherapy and life coaching so you can tame your mind.


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