Heidi’s Spring Breeze Juice

Recipe Heidi Jennings, Image Ashlee Decaires Aptly named Spring Breeze because of its refreshing, zesty taste, this juice will make your insides sing! Serves 2 4 green apples, cored and quartered 2 whole cucumbers, roughly chopped 5–6 stalks celery, roughly chopped leaves of 4 mint sprigs juice of 1 lime Place all ingredients into a […]

Honey gochujang rib-eye of beef

Words and Image by Kathy Paterson Honey is one of the most diverse foods we have and honeys boundlessness of flavours, colours and textures really fascinates me. Flavour characteristics are formed by rainfall, wind, soils and flora and the simpliest way to get to know which honey you will enjoy is to taste at farmers’ […]

Ukrainian Honey Cake

Bake for Ukraine Intro Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Ashlee DeCaires As we watch events unfold in Europe and the plight of Ukrainians, it’s hard not to feel helpless, but you can help. Sarah Stuart-Black, Secretary General at New Zealand Red Cross, says, “The situation in Ukraine has really touched Kiwis, who have generously supported our appeal. […]

A Journey of Learning and Leavening

Words Kate Underwood, @relishthememory, Images Brydie Thompson For the dynamic mother and son duo behind Mount Sourdough Co, a retired teacher and trained engineer, baking bread was never part of the plan. With Margaret the hands-on baker and Sam the guiding force behind the business, over the last four years they have transformed their passion […]