But First, Dessert

Words Denise Irvine, Images Brydie Thompson My apple mousse dessert is perfectly formed – it looks just like a beautiful green and pink apple – and it seems sacrilege to dig in and spoil its good looks. The reward, though, is a burst of lovely flavours and textures: lightly stewed apple with a hint of […]

What’s New Downtown

A flurry of great new eateries in Downtown Tauranga continue to add to the city centre’s vibrancy. Tauranga Food Co-Op On a mission to make healthy food accessible without loads of plastic, the Tauranga Food Co-Op recently opened a store in Piccadilly Arcade. A not-for-profit organisation, the Tauranga Food Co-Op is mostly run by passionate […]

Rediscover Your City Centre

The city centre is changing and evolving. Yes, there’s still disruptions as major redevelopments take place and store occupancies begin to return to normal, but in amongst all this is an array of incredible eateries, boutique shops and businesses, passionate business owners and operators and great experiences for all. There’s some exciting new restaurants and […]

Health Quarters Café – transforming your caffeine fix

Could this be the answer I’ve been looking for? It’s called the Maca Mocha and they’re flying out the door (or should I say window) at Health Quarters Cafe on Willow Street. A shot of organic Excelso coffee is mixed with organic raw cacao—coffee and chocolate, a classic combo! Add to these maca powder. Maca […]

Oscar & Otto

words Liz French, images Brydie Thompson You don’t have to choose between Oscar and Otto, two hot new additions to Tauranga’s Strand. Otto can be your day time go to while Oscar comes into its own in the evening. The ‘naughty twins’ are the brain children of Catherine MacLoughlin and Hamish Carter, local foodies with […]

Clarence Bistro & Hotel

Words Denise Irvine, Images Brydie Thompson Lunch today is on the terrace of Clarence Bistro Hotel, in Tauranga. Clarence is in the heart of the city, shielded by cool greenery from the streets below, its elevated position catching the breeze on a sunny afternoon. There are fresh flavours on the table in front of us: […]