Recipe MAURICE MONTERO from MR PICKLES | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES A firm favourite on the Pickles menu, there is a little bit of work involved to put these delicious morsels together, but this can all be done ahead of time. Meaning you can have all the prep done a day in advance. Just deep fry […]


Recipe MAURICE MONTERO from MR PICKLES | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES This is the easiest tiramisu you’ll ever make and sacrilegious to Italians because there is no zabaglione (whipped heated eggs and sugar) involved. Make this delicious dessert ahead of your dinner party and finish it off in 10 seconds.  If you want to make it […]


Photography: Ashlee deCaires “The best chocolate frozen dessert ever” is how Maurice Montero describes this Nutella parfait. “Parfait is one of my favourite things to make because I don’t need an ice cream machine. For a joke I was putting Nutella in a parfait base and it was the best accident ever. Who wouldn’t love […]

Risotto with Garden Peas and Mint

Recipe: Mr Pickles, Hamilton | Photography: Ashlee de Caires For the risotto: 100g Arborio rice (use top quality like Carnroli or Nano) ¼ cup white onion, finely diced 4 tsp olive oil ⅓ cup white wine 1 cup blanched fresh garden peas or frozen ¼ cup blanched fresh garden peas, pureed or frozen 1½ cups […]