Photography: Ashlee deCaires

“The best chocolate frozen dessert ever” is how Maurice Montero describes this Nutella parfait. “Parfait is one of my favourite things to make because I don’t need an ice cream machine. For a joke I was putting Nutella in a parfait base and it was the best accident ever. Who wouldn’t love frozen Nutella?”

400g jar Nutella
2 cups cream
3 egg whites
1/3 cup caster sugar

Gently melt the Nutella and ½ a cup of cream together until combined, then allow to cool.

Whip the egg whites till soft peaks before slowly beating in the sugar like you would meringue.  Add Nutella mixture to this and spatula through so you don’t lose any air.

Whip the remaining cream until yoghurt-like thickness and fold this through the Nutella mixture.

Line a loaf tin and pour in the mixture before freezing overnight. To serve, tip it upside down on a platter, decorate with chocolate shavings or chopped hazelnuts before cutting into slices.

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