Winter Parsnip Cake with Maple Toasted Almonds

Two decades of being a mother and I am very well experienced in hiding vegetables in all manner of disguises. Even with a house full of teenage kids these days, I’m still fairly apt at getting them all to unwittingly eat their veggies. This cake is no exception and successfully brings me the win I […]

Frankies Mash and a Decent Steak

When I was a gawky teen with too many sports and art projects on the go, my mum Frankie would knock up this cure all dinner to sort out my stamina woes. Presumably a recipe handed down to her from Scots relatives, it’s a basic concoction of boiled parsnips, carrots and a few spuds all […]

Parsnip Tarte Tatin

I do love a classy tart for lunch on the weekends, and this pretty little pie of sorts is just the ticket for a dreary winter’s day. Caramelised rounds of soft carrot and parsnip are nestled in a crunchy bed of mustard, crème fraîche and flaky pastry all showered in thyme and creamy chevre. Serve […]

Confit Parsnip on Romesco

Until recently I’ve never really rated confit anything, the thought of all that oil back when I was fancy-free made me cringe. However, this old French way of preserving food has a magical effect on many things and in this instance turns seemingly dreary parsnips into melt in your mouth deliciousness. Served with punchy Romesco […]

Vineyard Chicken

Here’s me being a scintillating tart again, adding spark to my two decades plus marriage by adding fruit to our roast dinners. I love apples with pork and chook dishes, but getting grapes in there is something superior, especially at this time of year when the weather is cooling and flavours become more sunburnt, robust […]

Warm Grapes & Leaves

It’s well known amongst my friends and followers that my darling consort doesn’t like fruit in his salads. I’ve had such delight testing these recipes, my wicked fruit eating ways being legitimised rather than seen as devious ploys to sway him. This salad of sorts I created on a whim, all my favourite flavours – […]

GRAPE – ness

In 1817 novelist and poet Thomas Love Peacock wrote, “The juice of the grape is the liquid quintessence of concentrated sunbeams.” And as I nurse a fresh throbbing wasp sting on my hand, I can’t help but agree. Harvesting a few bunches from my own vines for this shoot was not without risk, such is […]