Apple, Almond + Rosemary Syrup Cake

This is also really lovely made with pears or figs when in season, in place of the apples. Serves 12 1¾ cups ground almonds ½ cup raw caster sugar ½ cup tapioca flour 1 tsp gluten-free baking powder ¼ tsp fine sea salt 2 large free-range eggs ⅓ cup olive oil ¼ cup milk of […]

Chocolate Kūmara Cake

My long time go-to trick for getting moisture into gluten-free cakes (which are notorious for being dry) is to use fruit or vegetable purees. Here sweet orange kūmara puree not only adds moisture but also a little sweetness too, meaning you can get away with only using a tiny amount of sugar. If you like […]

Chilli + Soy Eggplant with Tofu

This is one of those easy chop and roast dinners that’s basically ready in the time it takes to cook some rice (aka my kinda meal!). Once roasted, the eggplant and tofu get a quick toss in a pan with the sauce to coat. So simple, so packed with flavour and a really lovely budget-friendly […]

Caramelised Pineapple + Lime Sundae with Coconut Macaroons

Recipe and Images Emma Galloway Macaroons are traditionally shaped into cookies before baking, but for these I thought it would be nice to cook the mixture in one piece and then break it up into random shards to serve. If preferred, shape into small cookies before baking. Serves 4 1 litre of your favourite vanilla […]

Chargrilled Purple Asparagus with Pine Nut Dressing

Recipes and Images Emma Galloway Purple asparagus is one of those spring treats which comes and goes in the blink of an eye, so make the most of it while you can! During the season you can find it at selected supermarkets or order online from Naked Harvest. Purple asparagus has a slightly higher sugar […]

Herbed Asparagus and Brown Rice Salad

Recipe and Images by Emma Galloway This herb-forward brown rice salad is just as nice eaten fresh as it is eaten as leftovers the next day. If you eat feta, a little crumbling of that would also be a great addition. Serve 6–8 3 cups cooked, cooled medium-grain brown rice 500g asparagus 3–4 radishes, finely […]

Paprika-Roasted Kohlrabi with Whipped Feta and Coriander Jalapeño Sauce

Recipe and Images Emma Galloway Choose small, tender kohlrabi for this dish. The whipped feta can be made up to 3 days ahead and stored in the fridge, and the coriander jalapeño sauce can be made a few hours before serving. Serves 4–6   1kg kohlrabi, peeled and cut into wedges 2 tbsp olive oil, […]

Creamy Kohlrabi Soup

Recipe and Images by Emma Galloway My love for kohlrabi runs deep. While sadly still not the most well known of vegetables, I was lucky enough to grow up eating homegrown kohlrabi as my parents had an extensive veggie garden. If you’re someone who fights over the broccoli stalk (me!), then you’ll love kohlrabi’s crunchy […]

Pumpkin + Kimchi Fried Rice

Recipes and Images by Emma Galloway I’ve used butternut pumpkin here, but any flavoursome pumpkin will do. Do your best to dice it as finely as you can to ensure quick cooking. If vegetarian or vegan, ensure your kimchi is free of fish-sauce. For added protein, serve topped with a fried egg or tofu. This […]

Chilled Soba with Pickled Cucumber, Sesame and Soy

Words and images by Emma Galloway   Chilled Soba with Pickled Cucumber, Sesame and Soy Soba noodles are made with buckwheat flour, but most brands also contain a little wheat flour. If you are gluten free, try searching for gluten-free soba at selected health food stores, or use rice noodles instead. You’ll find black vinegar […]