Kosher Salt and Szechuan Pepper Squid with Daikon Salad and Ponzu Dressing

Recipe Andre Da Silveria, elizabeth cafe. Images Brydie Thompson Andre’s take on salt and pepper squid uses kosher salt. Kosher salt is a coarser salt than table salt (can be found at Vetro but you can also replace it with a flaky sea salt). 1kg squid tube ½–1 cup tapioca flour 1–2 tsp kosher salt […]

Smoked Lamb Loin with Eggplant Schnitzel, Celeriac Puree, Mushroom and Blackberry Jus

Recipe Andre Da Silveria from Elizabeth Cafe, Images Brydie Thompson  For Smoked Lamb 600g lamb loin 1 cup grapeseed oil 5 cloves garlic, chopped 4–5 drops liquid smoke (available from Vetro)s small handful thyme 500–600g portobello mushrooms For Eggplant Schnitzel 3 eggplants 2–3 cups Panko breadcrumbs ½–1 cup flour 3–5 eggs, whisked salt & pepper […]

Essential Ingredients

Globe Artichokes I love them and wait all year to get some during their short season. Great in risotto, fish dishes, sautéed with cherry tomatoes, capers and basil. As a little snack with vino. Mix of breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley stuffed into each leave and then steam them in a pot with chicken stock. To […]