Turkish Nduja Bowl

Recipes and Images Fiona Hugues I especially love this fast simple dish when you’re a little dusty from the night before and need something to line your stomach and give yourself a wee pep up. Cooling herb yoghurt topped with saucy eggs and a jazzy melted nduja butter situation with lots of toast to mop […]

Waikato Farmers Market

Words Denise Irvine, Images, Images Alex Spodyneiko On Sunday mornings, I throw my sturdy jute shopping bag into the car and join the crowds at Hamilton Farmers Market. My bag is close to seven or eight years old, printed with a Waikato Food Inc logo and the message, Buy Local Eat Local. Which makes it […]

The Chicken Before the Egg

Words by Gus Tissink from Bidfresh Hamilton Who doesn’t love eggs? We have a long history with eggs and that kind of makes sense really if you consider how nutritionally dense they are and that they just taste good! They have been a breakfast staple for centuries, dating back to prehistory times. The Egyptians and […]