Chocolate Kūmara Cake

My long time go-to trick for getting moisture into gluten-free cakes (which are notorious for being dry) is to use fruit or vegetable purees. Here sweet orange kūmara puree not only adds moisture but also a little sweetness too, meaning you can get away with only using a tiny amount of sugar. If you like […]

Chocolate Spheres

Some chocolate, a pastry brush and a silicon mould are all you need for some hands-on fun in the school holidays, homemade Easter treats or a special way to plate a dessert, like Harriet’s Chocolate Mousse. You will need: Chocolate, broken into pieces (200g will make 12, 70mm molds) Silicon moulds (Sweet Pea Parties has […]

River Ridge’s Lactation Slice

Recipe Sharon MacIntyre, Words Vicki Ravlich Horan, Images Ashlee DeCaires Sharon MacIntyre says she can remember coming to see River Ridge East Birth Centre before it opened. That was for her job interview nearly 20 years ago. Two decades on, Sharon is still content in her kitchen at River Ridge where she is the on-site […]

Marshmallow Slice

This is a slice the kids will love to eat and make! Check out the video of Zoe and I making it Base 3 crushed Weetbix ¾ cup self-raising flour ¾ cup coconut ¼ cup brown sugar 125g melted butter 1 egg Mix all ingredients together and press into a lined baking dish (19cm x […]

Ukrainian Honey Cake

Bake for Ukraine Intro Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Ashlee DeCaires As we watch events unfold in Europe and the plight of Ukrainians, it’s hard not to feel helpless, but you can help. Sarah Stuart-Black, Secretary General at New Zealand Red Cross, says, “The situation in Ukraine has really touched Kiwis, who have generously supported our appeal. […]

A Journey of Learning and Leavening

Words Kate Underwood, @relishthememory, Images Brydie Thompson For the dynamic mother and son duo behind Mount Sourdough Co, a retired teacher and trained engineer, baking bread was never part of the plan. With Margaret the hands-on baker and Sam the guiding force behind the business, over the last four years they have transformed their passion […]

Poached Feijoas with Yoghurt Cream, Granola Sprinkle and Chocolate Shavings

Recipe and Images by Kathy Paterson   Serves 4   Granola Sprinkle 1 cup quick-cook rolled oats or use puffed rice ½ cup whole almonds, roughly chopped ¼ cup raw cashew nuts, roughly chopped ¼ cup coconut chips 1 tbsp white sesame seeds 1 tbsp chia seeds ½ tsp ground ginger or ground cinnamon pinch […]

Roasted Feijoa and Lime Shortcake

Recipe and Images by Kathy Paterson Roasted Feijoas Try roasting feijoas, it’s a great way to preserve them for a few days. If you are using roasted feijoas for the shortcake recipe, then finely grate the zest of the lime before juicing.   12 large feijoas, halved, flesh scooped out with a teaspoon juice of […]

Vegan Fig Loaf with Coconut Yoghurt and Spiced Syrup

Recipes Harriet Boucher, Images Brydie Thompson This spiced fig loaf is delicious sliced and toasted, served with lashings of butter, or serve it decorated with coconut yoghurt and fresh figs like we have here.   Ingredients: 3 cups self-raising flour ½ cup sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ginger ½ tsp cloves ¼ tsp cardamom […]

Cinnamon Bun Knots

Words Harriet Boucher, images Ashlee DeCaires Perfected my Cinnamon Roll recipe?  Now it’s time to get a bit fancy. Shaping the bun into a knot rather than a roll gives an intricate look, and there’s no need for icing as you don’t want to cover over the detail. This twist uses the same dough and […]