We were approached by New Zealand Winter Truffles to create their branding and packaging for their exclusive product.

The team were off to Hong Kong to pitch to five-star restaurant suppliers and needed to impress and we believed we could do this with the presentation and packaging of the truffle plus some simple but stunning branding.

To make the packaging cost effective we needed to also have a use in our domestic market and have the ability to be scaled as production increases every year.  We created a black box with silver foil details.  The box contains a gorgeous jar which the truffle will sit in on a bed of tissue paper and is sealed with a sticker.  Inside the box is also a little folded booklet with details on NZ Winter Truffles, storage and contact information.

With no good quality imagery, the Nourish team spent some time out truffle hunting and learning about truffles while accumulating some wonderful imagery for NZ Winter Truffles to use.  We also spent time in the kitchen creating a range of truffle recipes and images, click here to view more of these.

Towards the end of the project we felt the group did not have a web presence so it was our recommendation they create a dedicated website to NZ Winter Truffles and a few social media channels.  To help get them started we created a landing page for their website, something they can expand on in seasons to come.

Finally, we were asked to help educate the public and chefs about Truffles and specifically NZ Truffles so we put together a Truffle Day Out.  Chefs and media from around the country joined us on a truffle hunt, meeting the growers as well as participating in a truffle based sensory workshop, the economics and marketing opportunities of putting truffles on the menu.  This event resulted in a dramatic upsurge in sales as well as a couple of great articles.




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