Cinnamon Bun Knots

Words Harriet Boucher, images Ashlee DeCaires

Perfected my Cinnamon Roll recipe?  Now it’s time to get a bit fancy. Shaping the bun into a knot rather than a roll gives an intricate look, and there’s no need for icing as you don’t want to cover over the detail. This twist uses the same dough and filling recipe, just without the glaze. The dough will be easier to handle if it has just finished its second, 30-minute prove, or has been in the fridge for roughly 20 minutes to firm up slightly. If you crave the sweetness, dust the buns in icing sugar before serving.

Step 1:

Line a baking tray. Roll the dough into a 35x45cm rectangle.


Step 2: Spread the cinnamon butter all over.


Step 3:

Fold the 45cm side of the dough into thirds on top of itself to create a thick rectangle of dough. You can also fold this in half instead of thirds, the only difference is less layers. Make sure the edges are even and there isn’t too much overhang.


Step 4:

Gently roll the sheet out slightly thinner, but don’t go overboard as you still want the dough to have structure.


Step 5:

Cut the dough into 10–12 even strips.

Step 6:

Take one of the dough strips and cut it twice lengthways, leaving a bit attached at the top so you are left with three strands. Plait these strands and then pinch the end together. Starting with the pinched end, roll it up towards the top end until it’s a plaited knot of dough.


Place the knots on the lined baking tray, cover with plastic wrap and leave to prove for 30–45 minutes. In Dean Brettschneider’s book Bread, he explains that for correctly proved dough, when lightly pressed, the indentation springs back but does not fully return to its original shape.


Once the buns are proved, bake in a preheated oven, set at 190°C for 15–20 minutes.


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