A Few Halloween Treats

While Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in New Zealand, it is harder and harder to avoid it if you have young children in the family.

While we get in the spirit of Halloween I draw the line at knocking on strangers doors trick or treating.  Instead we make the treats and then knock on the neighbours doors to spread a little spooky fun with some homemade treats like these meringue ghosts.  Their eyes are easily drawn on with an edible pen.

We also discovered this year that a bag of spooky eyes from Sweet Pea Parties opens up a world of opportunities!  Add them to an array of fruit you have treats that won’t upset the tooth fairy.

Dip mini donuts into chocolate (or we used black candy melts from Sweet Pea Parties), stick on some eyes and poke in pretzel sticks and you have these cool spiders.

These spooky eyes are so simple to make, simply drain a tin of lychees and fill each one with a frozen blueberry.

This year Halloween falls on a Sunday so it’s spooky pancakes all round.  Place your pancake mix in a squeezy bottle and play around.  Spider webs are super simple to create!  We even made spiders out of a grape.

Or set the kids up with a selection of fruit and get them to create spooky faces.



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