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“It’s ridiculous how exciting it is,” says Nadine Waterson, laughing, as we talk about the plans she has to add new storage systems in the house they recently purchased. “Having a designated place for everything through custom designed storage makes daily home organisation so much simpler.”  First to get an overhaul was the wardrobes and cupboard under the stairs. Now Nadine has her sights set on the garage and a few tweaks to the laundry.

Nadine and husband Duncan own Waikato Wardrobes, so you can understand Nadine’s enthusiasm to put what she knows into practice at her house. Although to be fair Nadine and the team at Waikato Wardrobes get excited about everyone’s wardrobes, laundry, garage, study nook … wherever they can work their magic.

The Watersons bought Waikato Wardrobes in November 2019. Duncan is a builder by trade, so the business appealed to the couple who are both hands on.

While Duncan takes care of the manufacturing and installations, Nadine oversees the design team, customer relations and administration. According to Nadine, getting to know the client is the key component of designing the perfect storage solution.

The traditional shelf and rail wardrobe was not only inefficient in its use of space, it also suited very few people. “Do you hang or fold your clothes?” asks Nadine. “Are you a dress wearer or more tops and bottoms? Do you have lots of shoes? Do you want these on display? Are they sneakers or high heels?” All of these questions and more will determine what your perfect wardrobe design will be.

These questions and the storage solutions extend beyond wardrobes as, despite their name, Waikato Wardrobes design and build storage systems for spaces throughout your home.

Modern homes often have smaller bedrooms which makes an efficient wardrobe even more important. “Instead of investing in furniture,” Nadine says, “invest in a wardrobe system that suits all your needs, freeing up room space.”

While modern houses may have existing wardrobes, older houses often need a little more planning to create and maximise the space, from converting an under-utilised cupboard to taking over a bedroom for the ultimate walk-in wardrobe. A random cupboard can be turned into an office space which when not in use can be shut behind doors. And here is where great design can work for you. Sliding or bifold doors give you more space in small spaces.

Emma Yarndley knows firsthand the benefits of great design and adding usable storage in an old house. Emma, along with siblings Rebecca and Matthew, recently completed the renovation of their dad Stuart’s 1950s house.

All three of the Yarndley’s have worked for Waikato Wardrobes at some stage so had a good understanding of what they needed to think about when it came to adding useful storage to the house.

Emma says, “A really cool and interesting part of the project was the laundry.” In fact, the upstairs laundry and hot water cupboard were combined to make a multi-faceted storage space. Situated behind the kitchen it could be for storing bulky kitchen appliances like that food mixer you might use infrequently. With this in mind, the storage under the bench was intentionally deep to accommodate such appliances. This is also a space many people wish their houses had; a place to neatly store your stuff, whatever it may be and shut the door.

The newly created downstairs laundry also has plenty of storage, including a linen cupboard, saving many trips to and fro.

Meanwhile, an awkward space above the stairs was converted into a useful wardrobe. And a master stroke in the main bedroom with a four-track sliding door system, also manufactured and installed by Waikato Wardrobes, allows access to three-quarters of the wardrobe at any time.

Emma says they are immensely proud to have been able to finish this project for their dad. “It was invaluable to have the knowledge gained from working at Waikato Wardrobes and the connection with builder Stan at Goldsack Builders Ltd.”

It appears the siblings had every right to be proud, with the house selling before it even went on the market.

Waikato Wardrobes has a team brimming with experience in design, manufacturing and installation. They pride themselves on a reputation of great service, quality product and workmanship.

Top Tip

Both Nadine and Emma agree that functionality is the key when it comes to creating storage space you will use and appreciate. “Even on a budget, don’t sacrifice functionality,” warns Nadine. There are many options as far as finishes go but getting a practical, efficient design is the most important.

So whether you are building new, renovating or just want to find better use of your space give the Waikato Wardrobes team a call.

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