The Essential Leg of Lamb

Recipe and Images Kathy Paterson It’s winter, the time of year to turn on the oven and get roasting. Meat, vegetables and winter fruits all shine when roasted, intensifying flavour and a savoury presence. Incidentally, I’m with British food writer Nigel Slater, I too will find any excuse to roast a potato. Serves 8 with […]

Crunchy Stuffed Mushrooms

Recipe Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee DeCaires   You won’t be missing meat when you dish these up at the dinner table. Serve with your favourite side salad, roast veggies, or with a slow cooked tomato sauce.   8–10 large portobello mushrooms, stalks removed 125g round of brie, roughly chopped 3 cups loosely packed fresh sourdough […]

Salat Bangkea Kampouchea – Cambodian Prawn Salad

Recipe Wayne Good, Images Ashlee Decaires I’ve had many wonderful culinary experiences in Asia, some of the best being in Cambodia. Their cuisine, to me, takes the best of Vietnamese, with a bit of Chinese thrown in for good measure. This salad was a salad I have particularly enjoyed making many times, as it is […]

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad

Recipe POPPYPEACH, Images Tasha Meys This is a quick and nutritious salad that is fresh, super tasty and everyone loves.  Find out more about POPPYPEACH here Serves 4 4 organic skinless and boneless chicken breasts 2 thumbs of ginger, peeled and thinly sliced 1 red capsicum, deseeded and thinly sliced ½ cucumber 6 spring onions, […]


Recipe VICKI RAVLICH-HORAN | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES Dill is a dreamy match with both seafood and potatoes, so this easy salad has to be a winner. 750g–1kg new potatoes salt ⅓ cup homemade aioli or a good quality mayonnaise ⅓ cup sour cream ⅓ cup fresh dill, chopped zest and juice of a lemon 1 […]


Recipe VICKI RAVLICH-HORAN | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES A little fiddly but an impressive way to serve new potatoes this BBQ season. Baby potatoes Woody sprigs of rosemary Olive oil Salt & pepper I used a thin metal straw to pierce a hole through each potato. Cut the rosemary into equal lengths and strip two thirds […]


Recipe VICKI RAVLICH-HORAN | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES A classic way to enjoy beautiful sage is with a beurre noisette or burnt butter sauce. Served here with store bought gnocchi, you can of course make yours from scratch, but I am a fan of the Granoro Gnocchi (available from Vetro and La Cave). It’s shelf stable […]


Recipe VICKI RAVLICH-HORAN | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES The cake 350g butter, softened 2 cups sugar 6 eggs (size 7) 1 tsp vanilla extract 2½ cups flour 3 tsp baking powder 2 tsp thyme leaves For the syrup ½ cup sugar 6 thyme sprigs 2 chips strawberries 2 cups cream 1 cup yoghurt extra thyme for […]


Recipe VICKI RAVLICH-HORAN | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES Take a whole fish that has been gutted and scaled, score it a couple of times then smear generously with the green harissa. Place on a baking tray and bake at 180°C until the flesh is just cooked. This will depend on the size of the fish. A […]


Recipes VICKI RAVLICH-HORAN | Images ASHLEE DECAIRES Herbs are a great way to add flavour, colour and interest to a dish. Like a lemon tree, I think every house should have a rosemary bush. Once established, you literally do nothing but reap the benefits of being able to spike a leg of lamb with it […]