Kapow Bao

Recipe: Whizz Bang Bao | Images: Ashlee DeCaires Hot and Sour Eggplant 200ml tamarind puree 475ml sunflower, rice bran or coconut oil (to fry eggplant) 2 large eggplant cut into large dice 8 cloves garlic, crushed 4cm piece ginger, peeled and roughly chopped 2 large onions, sliced 2 red chillies, de-seeded and sliced 10g fresh […]

Whizz Bang Bao

Words: Denise Irvine | Images: Ashlee DeCaires There’s something damn fine about bao—the soft, fluffy steamed buns that are the perfect hold-in-the-hand vessel for fillings of crispy slaw, pork, brisket, chicken, duck or spicy tofu, and well-chosen pickles, sauces and salsas. Gua bao (cut bread) originated in Fuzhou, the capital of Fuijan province in China. […]