Sticky Date Coffee Pudding

Recipes Carrie Evans, Images Brydie Thompson There is a saying, ‘coffee is always a good idea’. So, with the help of Carrie and the Excelso team, we thought we’d take that message beyond your morning cup and serve it up for dessert. This twist on the ever popular sticky date pudding is great, with a […]

This is How We Brew It

Words Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Alex Spodyneiko There is so much more to coffee than a flat white, from the different brew methods to the beans. We were curious to know what the team at Excelso drink, their favourite brewing methods and their pick of bean. This is what we discovered.   Excelso’s head roaster Layla […]


Words: Kate Underwood | Images: Alex Spodyneiko Dubbed the elixir of life, coffee—the undeniably beloved brew is far more than just a dark caffeinated liquid. Excelso founders Carrie and Jeff are committed to helping people drink the best coffee and to understand the intense process that is involved in every cup. Roasting in Tauranga since […]

Starting Out

Words: Josie Evans | Photography: Brydie Thompson In this our regular series, where Josie from Excelso interviews a local doing great things, we meet Rachel Miles, a past Excelso team member who has taken the plunge and gone into business for herself with Willow Espresso, a coffee bar in The Cottage on Second Ave in […]