Buckwheat Pancakes with Tamarillo

Buckwheat is a gluten free seed that’s packed with nutrition. I love to incorporate it in our breakfasts, and this simple pancake recipe would have to be one of the easiest ways. Whole buckwheat (referred to as buckwheat groats) is soaked overnight, before being rinsed and blended with a few more ingredients to make pancake […]

Carrot Cake Bircher Muesli

Bircher muesli or overnight oats are such an easy way to kickstart a healthier breakfast routine, leaving no excuses for skipping breakfast. Put them in a container or jar and they can even be breakfast on the go. This version includes carrot, apple, sultanas, nuts and seeds, spiced to taste just like carrot cake. Top […]

Marinated Mushroom Tart

This tart is a little bit special and a really lovely way to enjoy antipasto ingredients as a meal. A flaky pastry base is topped with caramelised onion and mustard cashew cream, then baked until golden. This is the blank canvas, ready to have all the good stuff stacked on top. Marinated mushrooms are a […]

Chermoula Mushrooms with Baba Ganoush

Recipe and Images Amber Bremner Chermoula is a North African oil-based sauce that is ideal for marinating anything that’s going on the heat. Packed with herbs, spices, garlic and lemon, it’s both bright, smoky and a little fiery, packing a real flavour punch. Here I’ve used it to marinate whole swiss brown mushrooms before grilling. […]

Black Bean Burger Patties

Recipe and Images Amber Bremner Home made veggie burger patties can be a challenge to get right, without them falling apart during cooking. These patties are tried and true, and just as happy cooked on the barbecue as a in a frying pan. Chia seeds help bind the mixture, which is full of flavour and […]

Baked Kumara with Crunchy Chickpeas and Parsley Pesto

Recipes and Images Amber Bremner Baked low and slow, crunchy chickpeas are one of my go-to components for fast one-bowl meals, salad toppers, snacks or packed lunches. It’s a great idea to double the batch to use across a few meals – once cool they store well in a jar for a week or so […]

Brown Rice Pudding with Orange Ginger Syrup

If your sofa is calling, you might be in need of fortification to power through that next binge-worthy television show. These cosy winter desserts are warmed up using both ground ginger for intensity and ginger root for freshness. Fragrant with ginger, orange, cinnamon and cardamom, this creamy rice pudding can be served hot, cold, or […]

Gingerbread self saucing pudding

Recipe and images Amber Bremner Self saucing pudding needs no introduction. This is an easy but delicious recipe that uses common pantry ingredients. With one exception – molasses, which brings dark complexity to the gingerbread flavours, while packing a nutritional punch as a great source of iron and calcium. Serve with vanilla icecream and watch […]


Words and Images Amber Bremner As a kid, sweetcorn was a permanent summer staple. Almost always served outside, as part of a barbecue meal, and leaving chins and fingers dripping with salty butter. You just can’t beat the simple joy of sweetcorn. There are, of course, ways to enjoy it and keep your hands clean. […]

Getting Dippy

Recipes and images by Amber Bremner Warmer days, relaxed evenings, casual meals. What’s not to love? Grazing platters are our friend when celebrating or entertaining, but they’re also a great way to put together a bit of this and that to make a nutritious meal with something for everyone. Here are two delicious plant-based dips […]