With BBQ season upon us and the pull to entertain and dine outside, do you find yourself traipsing in and out of the kitchen all afternoon and evening? What was the heart of your home is suddenly a transit station!

Whether you are building from scratch, renovating or just looking at ways to improve your kitchen, Hayley Hohneck and Shannon Meredith from Treetown Kitchens in Cambridge have some great tips on how you can ensure your kitchen has great indoor-outdoor flow.

Install a servery window
This will extend and connect your kitchen with the outdoors. By adding a bar underneath the window, you have a multi-use space that can act as a servery as well as a space to socialise, with guests able to hang out with you while you are in the kitchen.

Open up 
Create an uninterrupted flow with large bifold or stacker doors blurring the lines between what is inside and what is outside.

The all-important fridge!
Consider the placement of your fridge. By locating it close to the entryway guests aren’t needing to move through the main kitchen workspace to refresh their glass. If you have space, consider a separate bar area, complete with a small fridge

Even the kitchen sink
The location of your sink and dishwasher are also important. Having these close to the servery window or door leading outside makes life easy when the flow of dishes starts to arrive back in the kitchen.

Then of course if space and budget permit you can always create an outdoor kitchen complete with plumbed in BBQ, fridge and sink. The opportunities are endless, but it pays to first get great advice from those who know what they are doing. Treetown Kitchens has been building and designing kitchens in the Waikato for over 50 years and pride themselves on not just beautiful kitchens but ones their customers love cooking in.

Thanks to Anne Peters, a happy Treetown Kitchens client, who allowed the Nourish team to invade her beautiful kitchen.

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