Raspberry and Rosewater Panna Cotta

Words by Vicki Ravlich-Horan Images Brydie Thompson


Raspberries and Rosewater Panna Cotta

This delicate, just set panna cotta is the perfect dessert on a hot summer’s evening. Make them the day before and set them in some fancy glasses for a fuss free but impressive dessert.

The rosewater adds an exotic touch, but be warned, go overboard and your dessert goes from intriguing to disgusting!

Berry Jelly
250g raspberries (around 2–2½ cups)
1–2 tbsp lemon juice
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp gelatine
2 tbsp hot water

Panna Cotta
300mls cream
¼ cup honey
2 tsp rosewater (available from Vetro or La Cave)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp gelatine
¼ cup hot water
1 cup Greek yoghurt

Place the raspberries, lemon juice and sugar in a small pot and bring to a simmer. Cook for 5 minutes then take of the heat and pass through a sieve to remove all the raspberry seeds. You should get about 1 cup of coulis.  Dissolve the 1 tsp of gelatine in 2 tbsp of hot water then mix in with the coulis. Heat gently, mixing well, then pour into 4–6 glasses and set in the fridge.

To get the angled effect, place a milk bottle cap or something similar under each glass as the raspberry jelly sets.

Once the jelly has set (approx. 2–3 hours), make the panna cotta, gently heating the cream with the honey in a small pot. Meanwhile, dissolve the gelatine in the hot water, stirring well to remove all the lumps.
When the honey has dissolved in the cream, take off the heat and stir in the gelatine followed by the rosewater, vanilla and yoghurt. Whisk to combine, then pour into the glasses over the set jelly. Allow to set in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

Just before serving, garnish with either a few fresh raspberries or some rose petals.

Note – For a simpler version, you can remove the gelatine from the raspberry mixture and simply use this as a topping for the panna cotta.



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