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Words by Vicki Ravlich-Horan images by Ashlee DeCaires

Workshop Manager at Fiasco, Luke Powell-Phelps says, “This place runs on coffee!” Often the first one in each morning, it’s Lukes’s job to put the coffee on, so when the team arrive there is hot coffee to be had.

It’s a trusty percolator machine for the Fiasco team for its sheer simplicity and the fact there is always coffee. Feeding that machine is freshly roasted Diesel beans, as it’s not just about having coffee at the ready it’s also about having good coffee. Make a bad brew and you’ll be banned, I’m told by Dispatch and Workshop Coordinator Debbie Norvill.

Fiasco design and build state-of-the-art road cases along with the Work from Home Desk, an innovation that came about from Covid lockdowns when no one needed touring cases but did need flexible desk spaces at home. The team of 15, based in Cambridge, are a friendly bunch who obviously love their work, or possibly that’s the coffee talking.

Another jovial office fuelled on great coffee is the support team of Gateway Church. Here in their brand-new office space, you can make your coffee using the traditional espresso machine or for ease with pods.

“Coffee is life,” laughs Ana Reddish, Connections Lead at Gateway Church. Ana says, not just having coffee but great coffee in the office space has proved a winner. The team don’t disappear at different times to go buy a coffee, instead they come together to enjoy a brew. “It has been amazing in changing the culture,” says Ana, who says sharing a great cup (or more) has helped develop friendships and a sense of togetherness.

While Ana loves the espresso machine Sylvia is a fan of the pods. “I would have two to three cups a day,” says Sylvia, who appreciates the ease of the pod machine, which is also what she uses at home.

Each week Fin from Diesel drops the team freshly roasted coffee for both machines as well as coffee for some of the team that can’t go without great coffee at home either. Having that regular delivery or a subscription of freshly roasted coffee means the team never run out.

With three blends available, Fin says there is a coffee for everyone. “Diesel Socio is our most popular for espresso machines, whilst Diesel black is a hit on pods and filter. Diesel Light is our decaf option which also is available in pods.”

Whether it’s for home or your office, locally roasted small batch Deisel Coffee can fuel your day.

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