This is my mum’s rice pudding recipe. Trust me, once you have this rice pudding you’ll never want any other kind! Below is exactly how my mother gave me the recipe when I headed off to university with handy measurements like ½ fill a pot with milk. This caused some confusion when my flatmate, who fell in love with this pudding, tried to make it and had no idea what size pot Mrs Ravlich meant. So to help you out I have added in some universal measurements.


Put milk into saucepan to half fill it (2 cups milk). Separate 2 eggs and put yolks into the milk with ¼ cup sugar. Whisk around till yolks are mixed into milk.
Add ½ cup rice (I used aborio but mum would have used a short grain). Bring to a slow boil and simmer till thick and rice is soft.  Take off the heat.
Beat the egg whites till stiff then beat in 4 tbsp sugar, like meringue. (By this she means add the sugar slowly). Add egg whites to rice mixture and fold till mixed through.

I added a teaspoon of vanilla paste to my milk, mum often put in a strip or two of orange or lemon peel which imparts a nice flavour. Also be sure that the rice has cooled down a bit before adding the egg whites.

I served mine with vanilla poached tamarillos which I simply blanched and removed the peel and then slowly simmered in 1 cup of water, 1 cup sugar and 1 tsp vanilla paste.


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