Hamilton CBD Dumpling Trail

Discover the many different dumplings on offer in Hamilton Central.

Dumpling House CBD Express, 44 Bryce Street 
Owner Lei Wang comes from a long line of dumpling makers – her great grandfather even made dumplings for the Chinese royal family!

Sweet Home Dumplings, 313D Barton Street
Choose from seven different dumpling flavours each available steamed or pan fried. We’re told pork and prawn are the most popular but the mushroom, cabbage and carrot are mighty tasty too – and vego!

Nancy’s Dumplings & Buns, 151 Victoria Street
This tiny hole in the wall has a mighty big reputation, and if you are after dumplings on the run, this is the place.

The Chilli House, 237 Victoria Street
A firm favourite of locals. Choose from their sour and spicy, pan-fried, Sichuan style, and boiled dumplings selection.

Master House Chinese Restaurant, 303 Victoria Street
Hamilton’s longest standing family owned Chinese restaurant is the place to come and get your dumpling fix and enjoy yum cha.

Garden Place Noddle Bar, 21 Worley Place
Dine in and watch the show as fresh noodles are stretched before your eyes! Dive into the dumplings with the choice of pork with celery, cabbage or onion, and a tofu, carrot and vermicelli choice for the non-meat eaters.

Duet Delights, 242 Victoria Street
Steamed or pan fried – you choose.

Sichuan Style Restaurant, 24 Collingwood Street
The pork dumplings in Sichuan style (house-made sweet, sour and mild spicy sauce) is a must.

Xiang Style Restaurant, 134 London Street
Have eight different steamed dumplings to devour here.

Yiwan Noddles, 135 Ward Street
Pork, prawn, chicken and vegetable dumplings all on offer.

Xi’an Food Bar, 7 Collingwood Street
Try your dumplings in Xi’an’s sour soup.

Noddle Bar, 9b Casabella Lane
The perfect spot for lunch and to try dumpling Ramen.

On a Roll Eatery, Vailou Street
Check out On a Roll’s Asian fusion with a pork, chive and leek dumpling.

Edo Japanese Restaurant, 711 Victoria Street
Discover Japanese style fried dumplings with five to choose from at Edo.

Nami, 20 Hood Street
Grab a Japanese dumpling or Goyza.

Gothenburg, 17 Grantham Street
Their spicy kimchi and pork dumplings are a must.

Madam Woo, 6 Sapper Moore-Jones Place

Their vegetarian steamed dumplings with ginger and soy are our pick.

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