What a Waste

Every year the average Kiwi household sends 89kgs of edible food to landfill. This figure does not include food scraps that can’t be eaten, like egg shells and banana peels. It also doesn’t include food wasted at the source or through our supply chain i.e. what producers, distributors, supermarkets and restaurants throw away. The problem […]

It’s Time to Party

  Words Vicki Ravlich Horan “There is a real appetite for people to get together and party,” says Lisa Quarrie. I’m sitting with Lisa and Marie Corkill to talk about the trends they are seeing in events at the moment. Marie owns Royal Laboratorie and offers a boutique alternative to the event hire and design […]

What I Do with Tahini

There’s a good chance that if you’ve made hummus at home before, you have a jar of tahini lying around in the fridge. But have you thought of how else to use it? I asked a few of my local insiders about how they use tahini. Tahini is a smooth paste made from grinding hulled […]

What I Do With Miso

Words Harriet Boucher Miso is one of those ingredients that you buy for a recipe that you desperately want to try, make it once, and then the jar sits in the fridge staring at you, wanting you to whip it out again for its next culinary use. We spoke to some local chefs for inspiration […]

The Joy Of Watering By Hand

It is a gardener’s lot to spend half the year fretting about too much rain and the other half fretting about the lack of it. Hand-watering can’t be hurried. There’s nothing to be done but to stand still, to feel the water fall through your fingers, to hear the splats and splashing sounds it makes […]

A Few Halloween Treats

While Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in New Zealand, it is harder and harder to avoid it if you have young children in the family. While we get in the spirit of Halloween I draw the line at knocking on strangers doors trick or treating.  Instead we make the treats and then knock on the […]

Spring at the Market

After a long cold winter, spring is always eagerly anticipated. And this is just as true for our growers and producers. As the days get longer and warmer, some seasonal favourites, like asparagus and strawberries, will start to pop up at the market. Irene Cummings from Greenfern Asparagus says, “Being a seasonal stall holder, I […]

Best Dressed Salads – Back to Basics with Brad

Words Brad King, Images Brydie Thompson   The onset of spring means that the ground is starting to warm, and here at The Falls Retreat, we get a tad excited knowing that our kitchen gardens will start to become more plentiful. We love to showcase our homegrown organic garden produce throughout our menus, and we […]

Poaching an Egg – Harriet’s How To

Words Harriet Boucher, Images Brydie Thompson As a chef, people are always asking me for cooking tips. One of the most common queries is how to poach eggs. So, to start off the ‘Harriet’s How To’ segment, I am going to dive right into world renowned chefs’ take on perfect poachies. I was taught by […]


Recipes: BRAD KING | Images: BRYDIE THOMPSON Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught fish and it always makes for an easy, nutritious meal. Nature’s bounty! At The Falls Retreat, our paddock to plate ethos definitely extends to the sea, where we look to source a variety of sustainable seafood for our menus. Being located […]