High Tea. Synonymous with baby scones, clotted cream and a good berry jam. Adding Champagne to this boysenberry jam adds a sense of class. Just imagine saying, “Would you like to try my berry and Champagne jam with your scone?” And of course there is the rest of the Champagne to be consumed with your high tea … yum!

1kg boysenberries (frozen are fine)
3 cups sugar
½ cup Champagne (or a good Methode will do)

Place berries into a pot and heat slowly. This is especially important if the berries are frozen.

Add the sugar and stir until boiling and dissolved. Boil for about 10 to 15 minutes. Check for setting.

(A trick my mother taught me is to place a wee bit of jam onto a dish and place it into the freezer. Check to see after a few minutes if it is developing a skin. This is an indication that it is setting.)

When the jam is setting, add the Champagne and boil again for about another 5 minutes or so.

Place into sterilised, dry jars and seal straight away.

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