Described as the vegan Jamie Olivers, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are a phenomenon. Bosh, Healthy Vegan, is their third book in just three years. Quite a feat for a pair who five years ago were carnivores.

The school friends entered their thirties feeling unhealthy, unfit and unhappy so made a switch to a plant-based diet, noticing the health benefits straight away. They lost weight, slept better and woke up in the mornings feeling energised. Wanting to share their discovery, in June 2016, they launched BOSH! an online recipe channel to show just how easy delicious plant-based cooking could be.

Their videos went viral with over a billion views in the first year! They currently reach 26 million people a month.

Henry and Ian say: “We started BOSH! to show the world just how delicious plant-based food can be.  We created videos to prove that you can still have all your favourite foods, but without the meat and dairy. And with our new healthy recipes, nothing changes. Incredible looking burgers, luscious roast dinners, wonderful stews and curries and even pizza can still be on the menu! This is still BOSH! food: hearty comforting food that you want to eat.”

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of veganism or trying to eat more plant-based meals, the BOSH! books are a great place to start. Bosh! Healthy Vegan recipes have all been nutritionally analysed with each meal indicating if they are particularly high in protein or fibre, are low in sugar or salt along with their calories per serve.

A good chunk of their books is dedicated to expanding your nutritional knowledge to help you get the best from a plant-based diet, and in BOSH! Healthy Vegan they cover a healthy lifestyle too, ticking off sleep, exercise and motivation.

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