Christmas is generally a happy time. A time for celebration and a time for holidays. A time for sun and summer frolicking. It is also a time to reflect on the year that was and plan for the year to come. I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions because I don’t tend to see them out. But when I set goals and then plan to achieve these goals I have greater success.

So where to start? I like to reflect on my accomplishments over the year. It is really easy to forget about the good things we have achieved. We are not always so good at recognising the things we do well! A good way to do this is to keep a journal during the year to note our successes. Once I have my successes identified, I look at what I could have done differently or improved on over that year. There is always good learning to happen with this exercise. This might then reflect into setting goals and planning for the next year.

So what will 2017 hold for you? Start with the big picture, your vision or dream. By the end of 2017 what do you want to be able to say that you achieved? (My goal for this year was to be writing for a fabulous magazine that aligned with my values, and here I am!) Where do you want to be in your life? Perhaps you are chasing more work life balance. You may want to have moved into that management role. It may be that you want to have more time to focus on doing something that you love. Whatever it is, remember that it is your dream, nobody else’s. Make it something meaningful for you.

Once you have your dream or goal, it’s about working out how you are going to get there. (Once you’ve identified your goal, work out how to achieve it.) Break it down into small steps. What is one small step you can take this week that will move you closer to the end goal? What can you do in the next month? Who can help you? Breaking it down into bite-sized steps will reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Have some fun with this. Remember to relax over summer. While it is important to reflect and set goals, it is just as important to spend some time just being, without any agenda or anything written on your to do list. Maybe you should write that on your to do list – do nothing.

kathie-hillIf you need help with creating your vision, goal setting and planning, I would love to help you. Connect with me: or 027 424 7749

Kathie Hill left her corporate career in the city to develop her personal coaching and human resources businesses and create a nourishing lifestyle for herself in the Coromandel. Through UnlimitedU, Kathie helps people figure out what their most satisfying life might look like and coaches them towards their goals. Kathie enjoys sharing coffee and conversation with lovely friends, barefoot beach walks and witnessing people’s joy when they are empowered to make positive life changes.

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