Excelso and the Good Trust are continuing their work to bring clean water and sanitation to people in Cambodia.  This year they are determined to bring water to every person in the Thma Puok province of Cambodia.  Currently, less than 2% of people in Thma Puok have safe water sources.  Good.Coffee is still available by the bag online at www.excelso.co.nz, every bag brings water to one person in Thma Puok for 5 years!  To add to this there are now 3 cafes selling Good.Coffee by the cup.


Every Cup = One week of water.  Excelso’s own roastery/café is joined in this by the Nourished Eatery, with The Daily café in Te Puke joining them when it opens in September.


The world bank says that every $1 invested in water and sanitation in developing countries has an $8 economic return.  Water projects impact on commerce, health and education in huge ways.  In Cambodia, water literally changes everything.

The project #WaterForThmaPuok is culminating on the 12th November with an event in Tauranga to raise funds including MC’s Art and Matilda from the Bachelor NZ and a stack of amazing auction items to bid on.

Tickets will be available mid September here.


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