Plastic Free July is a great time to try something new; replace an old habit for a good. Try this July to eliminate one form of single use plastic from your life. Every action adds up, and once you have mastered this one, pick another.

That’s a Wrap

Beeswax wraps are a great replacement for clingfilm to wrap sandwiches and covering leftovers in the fridge. You can find them everywhere, from farmers markets to local stores or have a go at making your own.


It’s in the Bag

We’ve got used to no single use bags at the check-out but what about in the produce aisle? Instead of plastic ones get some washing bags from your local discount store. They are light weight and hard wearing; you’ll get your apples, and more, home safe for years with one bag. Alternatively, use some rescued fabric and sew your own.

Bulk Up

Buy in bulk, or as big as you can! Find the double length toilet paper, the largest bag of dog food, or flour, sugar and other staples, get the big toothpaste tube… Bring your own containers and use the bulk bins. More of what you want, less of what you don’t want—the problematic packaging.  It’s hard to be perfect and make everything from scratch or find zero waste options but let’s try to be better!


Wipe Out
‘Flushable’ wipes are more single use waste that we could stop buying. There are lots of lovely reusable options for sale online or get crafty with 100% flannelette cotton. Get a wide-mouthed glass jar with a lid. Trace the shape of your jar on your cotton, fill with circles of fabric, add cooled, boiled water and an essential oil that you like. These make great gifts too!

Consumer New Zealand recently tested a popular flushable brand.  “We found it was 80 percent rayon and 17 percent polyester. And, of course, polyester is plastic and it’s not going to biodegrade anytime soon,” Sue Chetwin from Consumer NZ says.

Bags for your Bin

Lost without your grocery plastic bags as a bin liner? Don’t fear, there’s still plenty of plastic bags out there. Dog and cat food bags, courier bags, bread bags, multipack chippie bags all make great bin liners. A bit smaller than you’re used to, but less smelly if they need to be changed more often. Bonus! Save these bags (any bag!) and reuse them. Or go next level and bare your bin. That means you empty your rubbish bin directly into your pre-paid bag or wheelie bin. Wash the bin out and ready to go again.

BYO Water Bottle

Can you give up single use drink bottles?

Win a Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Are you brave enough to bring your own container? Honestly, the first time might be scary, but after that it’s easy as. Especially great for sushi on the go, reusable lunchboxes are an effective and easy way to reduce single use waste. To get your waste-free lunch started, we’re giving away stainless steel lunchboxes with stylish bamboo lids.

25 lunchboxes are available to the first entrants from the Waikato District, Waipa District, Hamilton City and wider Waikato Region.   Click here to go in the draw.

Enter to Win

WIN one of 25 of these stylish eco friendly lunchboxes. Only valid entries will go in the draw. A valid entry is one with all fields in the form are filled out correctly and submitted by the 9th August 2020. One entry per person. Winners will be drawn 12/08/20 and notified via their supplied contact details. With permission, winners names and photographs may be used for promotional purposes in print or online. Prize consists of one metal EcoLunchbox brand solo rectangle. This cannot be exchanged for any other goods.

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Entries close on the 9th August 2020.

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