Last year Tear Fund asked me to contribute  recipe for their Live Below the Line campaign.

Live Below the Line is a multi-agency, global campaign where people live on the poverty line of $2.25 per day for five days to raise money for a cause.  As a big believer that if people cooked more they would have a more nutritional diet while being able to spend a lot less money.  I saw this exercise as a great way to put my money where my mouth was, even if it was such an extreme way, because $2.25 a day is taking budget to the limit!  So I took the challenge and lived for five days on just $2.25 a day.

One of my recipes, along with contributors from over 40 other NZ chefs and food writers have been put together by Tear Fund in the book One Helping.  All the dishes cost 75c or less per serving to make.

All profits from the sale of One Helping go directly to Tear Funds work in South East and Central Asia.  You may not be keen to participate in this year’s campaign but you can still help by purchasing this book.  While it would be an excellent resource for students or those on a budget it is full of recipes, like Jan Bilton’s Devilled Hotpot with parsley crumble or Geoff Scott’s Smoked Bacon and Pearl Barley Cassoulet, that you and the family will enjoy whether you are on a budget or not.

Sex trafficking makes $US99 billion in profit each year, with an estimated 4.5 million women and girls currently in slavery.  The average age of a girl trafficked into a brothel is 12.  With statistics like these it is not hard to be motivated to help bring change.  “In Thailand we see toddlers being raised on the streets with nothing more than a concrete slab under a shop awning for their bed”, says Emma Conyngham, Editor of One Helping, after returning from Thailand.  “it’s not hard to imagine that the first offer of a job, even a bad-paying one, will be taken. Traffickers prey on this; offering false jobs to desperate people who travel to a new destination in hope of a better life, only to have their passports taken and false debts incurred with imprisonment and prostitution forced on them.”

“Tear Fund’s work, with their partner Nvader, breaks this cycle.  By using covert surveillance and best practices in undercover investigations, they don’t just rescue the girls, they also take down the criminal networks that perpetuate the problem. It’s dangerous but incredible work,” Emma says.

One Helping is available for $29.99 (+p&H) from

One helping

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