Plum Curd

This is a great way to use up your egg yolks left over from making meringues (see page X).  Use it to sandwich a classic sponge together with lashings of whipped cream, dollop over ice cream, or smear over a classic cheesecake. 300ml plum puree* 6 egg yolks 1 cup sugar 125g butter, chopped Whisk […]

Plum and Amaretto Semifredo

The perfect summer treat. Make this a few days ahead and impress your guests when you bring this out at the end of the meal. Can’t find or don’t like Amaretto biscuits? Use leftover meringues, making it gluten free too! 3 egg whites ¾ cup sugar ½ cup water 300ml cream 2 cups crushed Amaretto […]