Those Simple Bare Necessities

Words by Megan Lyon, Images by Ashlee DeCaires BARE Refill Grocery Store (BARE) occupies the street frontage of the newly minted MADE urban precinct in Hamilton East, with an extensive inventory ranging from free-flow frozen dumplings to toothpaste on tap. Underpinning everything at BARE is owner Bridie McNarama’s ethos to reduce waste and packaging, and […]

It’s Not PR But the 3Rs

Plastic, it’s literally everywhere! It’s wrapped around our food, it’s in our clothing, our carpets, and now it’s on our oceans and our food chain. The invention of plastic in the early 1900s was an environmental breakthrough, replacing the unstainable use of animal and wood products like ivory and tortoiseshell. By the 1960s plastic had […]

Make Your own Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cling film. Great for wrapping snacks, cheese, bread and even bowls, they’re simple to use and easy to make at home. WHAT YOU NEED: (makes 4) 100g beeswax 20g pine rosin 3 tsp jojoba oil cotton fabric (I use old bed-sheets, which seem to be […]