Asian Herb Slaw with Crispy Noodles and Tangy Dressing

Recipe Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee Decaires Serves 4 This zingy fresh slaw will summon summer. Serve with grilled rump steak or chicken and a cheeky roti bread on the side. (I love the Silk Road ones from the supermarket, fried in butter and oil – drool.) Slaw ¼ of a green cabbage, shredded on a […]

Baked Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Recipe Vicki Ravlich Horan, Images Brydie Thompson Don’t Be Chicken Have you ever looked at the price of two chicken breasts and compared these to the price of a whole chicken? More often than not the price is very similar but just think, when you buy a whole bird, you get the two breasts and […]

A Good Story

  “Both of our families are full of storytellers,” says Bridie Osborne, who along with husband Kane owns and runs Storyteller Bar and Eatery in Te Awamutu. “My Dad in particular is known around the community as liking a good yarn. My whole experience of growing up was sitting around a table with good food […]

Makrut Lime and Mango Sorbet

Recipe Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee Decaires The mango provides a gorgeous creamy texture and pairs beautifully with the makrut lime in this refreshing sorbet. A soothing palate cleanser after a hot curry too! 1 cup caster sugar 1 cup cold water 10 Makrut lime leaves 4 cups frozen mango zest and juice of 2 limes […]

Honey gochujang rib-eye of beef

Words and Image by Kathy Paterson Honey is one of the most diverse foods we have and honeys boundlessness of flavours, colours and textures really fascinates me. Flavour characteristics are formed by rainfall, wind, soils and flora and the simpliest way to get to know which honey you will enjoy is to taste at farmers’ […]

Niçoise Salad to Share

Recipe and Images by Fiona Hugues Niçoise (pronounced niˈswaz) salad originated in the French city of Nice and has been popular since the early 20th century. Its official ingredients are hotly argued about within the culinary elite. For me it is the best use of boiled eggs, tuna in a can, fresh spring beans and […]

Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodle Soup

Recipe Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee Decaires Serves 6 Spring is still soup season in my eyes and this version of chicken noodle soup is soul warming and nourishing. The use of Asian herbs and spices brings a bit of culture into this classic soup, and I’m sure it’ll quickly become a family favourite. 1 whole […]