Life with Lexus  

Words Liz French, Images Brydie Thompson The Lexus EV, be it as a hybrid or fully electric, is rapidly gathering fans. Owners find that doing their bit for the environment and saving on fuel is almost secondary to the pure pleasure they get from driving the Lexus.  Quietly Classy Larraine chose her Lexus UX250H Hybrid […]

Nourish and Lexus Pink Ribbon Breakfast

This May, we had the pleasure of hosting our first two Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Lexus of Hamilton and Tauranga partnered with Nourish to provide their stunning dealerships as venues. Camielle Guzzwell from the Breeze Waikato and Jolene James from the Breeze Tauranga were our hosts for the […]

Loving the Luxury of Lexus

Words Liz French, Images Alex Spodyneiko When does going somewhere in a car morph from a drive into an experience? When the car is a Lexus, as Liz French discovered during an all too brief love affair with the Lexus Hybrid. I was driving the Lexus UX250h AWD. The plan had been for me to […]