Harriet’s How to: Beef Bourguignon

My earliest memories of beef bourguignon weren’t fond, as it was full of mushrooms and onions, which my younger self couldn’t get on board with. You’ll be pleased to know my palate has matured and it’s now a dish I crave every winter. Beef bourguignon is a hearty beef stew that features red wine from […]

Harriet’s How To: The Perfect Steak

Words Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee DeCaires I always viewed cooking steak a bit of a boy’s job. At childhood dinners with family and friends, the men all stood around the BBQ while the ladies prepared the accompaniments. That trend has continued into my adult life despite ever-changing gender roles. But watch out boys, I’m here […]

Ultimate Cinnamon Buns

Words Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee DeCaires Mum’s cinnamon buns are iconic in our family. They have been used as bribery, to say thanks, for birthdays, and just for a decadent weekend treat. It was a no-brainer to do this season’s ‘how to’ on the trendy sweet bread. What is a cinnamon roll (or bun, or […]

Battle of the Basque

Words Harriet Boucher Images Ashlee DeCaires For round 2 of Harriet’s How To, I have dived into the world of the Basque ‘burnt’ cheesecake. Basque cheesecake is a crust-less, Spanish cheesecake that has a rich, creamy centre and a caramelised top, often giving off a burnt look. It is traditionally served at room temperature, often […]