Mushroom Korma

A little secret to making more authentic homemade curries is to blitz your onion, garlic and ginger first, then cook slowly to form the base of your sauce before doing anything else. Don’t be put off by the long list of spices this recipe calls for – my hot tip is to measure them out […]

Chargrilled Purple Asparagus with Pine Nut Dressing

Recipes and Images Emma Galloway Purple asparagus is one of those spring treats which comes and goes in the blink of an eye, so make the most of it while you can! During the season you can find it at selected supermarkets or order online from Naked Harvest. Purple asparagus has a slightly higher sugar […]

Pumpkin + Jackfruit Yellow Curry

Recipe and Images By Emma Galloway I know people get nervous making Thai curries from scratch as the ingredient list can look a little daunting; however, it is a really straightforward process. You can also make the curry paste well in advance, as it stores in the fridge for up to 4 days, or double […]

Pumpkin + Kimchi Fried Rice

Recipes and Images by Emma Galloway I’ve used butternut pumpkin here, but any flavoursome pumpkin will do. Do your best to dice it as finely as you can to ensure quick cooking. If vegetarian or vegan, ensure your kimchi is free of fish-sauce. For added protein, serve topped with a fried egg or tofu. This […]

Courgette and Noodle Salad

Words and Images by Kathy Patterson The incredibly versatile courgette often gets a bad rap as being a bit tasteless, but if you take a closer look, they are pretty wonderful. Eaten raw (my personal favourite), cooked until just bite-tender or slow-cooked in olive oil and finished with a few good squeezes of lemon juice […]


Words and Images Amber Bremner As a kid, sweetcorn was a permanent summer staple. Almost always served outside, as part of a barbecue meal, and leaving chins and fingers dripping with salty butter. You just can’t beat the simple joy of sweetcorn. There are, of course, ways to enjoy it and keep your hands clean. […]


Words by Amber Bremner Images by Tasha Meys Tamahere local Angie Millar was out for a run one morning when she had the bright idea to open a salad and smoothie bar to serve the local community. POPPYPEACH opened in Tamahere Village in May 2021, a colourful oasis serving a range of healthy but delicious […]