Postcards from Portugal

Wayne Good discovers on a recent trip to Portugal there is more to see and taste than pastéis de nata. How lucky was I to find myself in Portugal in May this year. After what seemed like a lifetime of not being able to travel, here I was. This was part of a larger trip […]


Recipe: Vicki Ravlich-Horan | Photography: Ashlee DeCaires These gorgeous tarts were created from ingredients gathered at the Tauranga Farmers Market on a beautiful Summer’s morning.  If fresh local berries are not in season other fruit like Kiwi, mandarins can be used. 2 cups Jersey Girls organic milk 6 Nicki’s Eggs egg yolks ½ cup sugar […]


Recipe & Photography: Amber Bremner This dreamy vegan custard tart is the perfect end to a long summer lunch or balmy evening dinner, perhaps alongside a chilled glass of rosé or even a buttery chardonnay. Choose a light, floral honey blend you like the flavour of. Blind baking ensures the pastry case keeps its shape. […]