Warm Grapes & Leaves

It’s well known amongst my friends and followers that my darling consort doesn’t like fruit in his salads. I’ve had such delight testing these recipes, my wicked fruit eating ways being legitimised rather than seen as devious ploys to sway him. This salad of sorts I created on a whim, all my favourite flavours – […]

Luisa Plum and Fennel Salad with Burrata

Recipe Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee Decaires This is a refreshing summer salad, and who doesn’t love burrata? I used the frozen pizza dough from Vetro, proved it, rolled it out with some semolina flour and grilled it with lots of olive oil and sea salt. If you are after a quicker option, serve it with […]


Recipe & Images FIONA HUGUES It’s no secret that I’d possibly trade one of my kids for a burrata if it were hard to come by and only flown in by private jet from a dairy in Puglia or a seaside trattoria in Europe. Now, gratefully, we have superb producers making this illicitly magnificent cheese […]