Apple and Bay Leaf Creams

Recipes and Images By Amber Bremner These layered desserts are fragrant with the heady scent of bay leaves, typically used in savoury dishes for their subtle peppery warmth. They also pair beautifully with apple and lemon, adding a little complexity to this otherwise quite simple recipe. Get your hands on some fresh bay leaves, if […]

Apple, Fennel and Celery Salad

Recipes and Images by Amber Bremner Crunchy, sweet and tangy, with gentle warmth, this salad is a crowd pleaser. Use sweet, crisp apples like Pacific Rose or Pink Lady. Aleppo pepper flakes (available from Vetro) are mild with a little bright fruitiness that matches perfectly here. I recommend seeking them out (they’re excellent sprinkled over […]

Easy Feijoa Tart

Recipes and Images By Kathy Paterson My go-to pudding if I need one in a hurry and you can vary the fruit to fit the season. Make an egg wash by lightly whisking just the yolk and a teaspoon of cold water together—this gives a gorgeous, dark honey colour to your cooked pastry.   Serves […]

Roasted Feijoa and Lime Shortcake

Recipe and Images by Kathy Paterson Roasted Feijoas Try roasting feijoas, it’s a great way to preserve them for a few days. If you are using roasted feijoas for the shortcake recipe, then finely grate the zest of the lime before juicing.   12 large feijoas, halved, flesh scooped out with a teaspoon juice of […]

Fig Salad

Recipe Harriet Boucher, Images Brydie Thompson Almost any grain will work for this salad. I love the earthy nutty flavor of freekeh though, and it’s readily available at Vetro.   Ingredients: 1 cup (180g) freekeh, rinsed, drained 5 figs, quartered 3 tbsp honey ¼ cup olive oil 2 tbsp pomegranate molasses juice and zest of […]

Peach & Blackberry Crumble

Make the most of late season peaches with fresh blackberries in this free form crumble. ¾ cup flour ¼ cup brown sugar 1 tsp ground ginger ½ tsp cinnamon 100g butter, chilled, chopped ½ cup slivered almonds 4–6 peaches (Golden Queen are my favourite) 2 cups fresh blackberries Mix the flour, sugar and spices in […]

Autumnal Pork Loin Salad with Blackberry Chutney

Recipe Vicki ravlich-Horan, Images Brydie Thompson By the time autumn rolls around most of us are a little over salads. This one might just help you fall back in love with them as it combines some of the best autumnal flavours. Opt for a mesclun mix of salad leaves or bitter peppery leaves like rocket. […]

Blackberry & Apple Crumble Cake

Recipe Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Brydie Thompson Blackberries and new season apples are a wonderful combination. If you can’t find Granny Smith apples, opt for a tarter variety than the modern sweet apples. This cake is a delicious afternoon treat served with a dollop of cream but equally delicious for dessert with a scoop of vanilla […]

Blackened Berry Chicken

Recipes Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Brydie Thompson 500g blackberries ¼ cup water 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard 6 chicken thighs, bone in, skin on Combine blackberries, water, vinegar and sugar in a small saucepan. Simmer, mashing occasionally, until liquid is reduced (approx. 20 minutes). Stir in the wholegrain […]

Pull Apart Garlic Loaf

Recipe Harriet and Vicki, Images Ashlee Decaires This garlic bread is swimming in delicious buttery goodness. It won’t last long, lucky it makes two loaves!   Ingredients Dough: 5 cups high grade flour (plus extra for dusting) 3 tsp surebake yeast 2 tsp sugar 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp olive oil 2 cups lukewarm water […]