Bracu Restaurant Mikey Newlands Silver Fern Farms Reserve eye fillet and rib of beef with cauliflower, mustard and burnt onion (533x800)

Recipe by Mikey Newlands, Bracu, Simunovich Estate

Serves 4

2 x packs Silver Fern Farms eye fillet steaks(around 150g each portion)
250g good quality reduced veal/beef glaze (you can buy this or make your own)
50g maple syrup
10g sherry vinegar (any quality vinegar will do, red wine etc)
40g Worcestershire sauce
10g English mustard powder
200g (half) a cauliflower
150g milk (blue top)
100g smoked butter (available from good supermarkets and food stores)
4x pickling onions
1 pear
1 small daikon radish
15 ml mustard seed oil
100g baby spinach
Sea salt, pepper and vegetable oil

  •  Start with your pickling onions, cut in half, season lightly and rub with oil. In a dry pan over a high heat cook cut side down until a deep almost burnt colour, transfer the pan and onions to a low oven (130 deg c) until soft to the touch, cool and pick out the individual petals of burnt onion. Reserve the nice ones for garnish and use the leftovers to make your sauce.
  • To make your sauce combine your burnt onion leftovers, beef glaze, maple syrup and Worcestershire sauce in a small pot and reduce over heat back to a glaze consistency.
  • Mix the mustard powder with the sherry vinegar to a smooth paste and stir into the sauce, strain and set aside.
  • Finely chop your cauliflower and place in a suitable size oven proof pan that has a lid, pour over the milk and add the smoked butter and seasoning, the cauliflower should be just about covered but not quite. Bring to the boil on the stove and place the lid on top and into your low oven for about 20-25 mins until the cauliflower is very soft. Drain and purée in the blender until smooth with just enough of the milk/butter to achieve a smooth purée.
  • Cook your steaks to your liking (see Chef’s Tips below)
  • Using the pan your sautéed your steaks in, place another spoon of oil and sauté your spinach until just soft. You are now ready to plate.
  • Place a mound of hot spinach in the centre of the plate and then carve your steak in half and place on top. Place a spoon of smokey cauliflower purée on the side and attractively arrange your burnt onion petals around the side.
  • Serve with your burnt onion and mustard sauce and serve immediately.(In the restaurant I also use mustard leaves from our gardens to garnish the plate which have a peppery taste somewhere between rocket and horseradish.)
  • Serve extra mustard on the side if desired, enjoy!

Chefs tips on cooking the perfect eye fillet steak

  • I prefer medium rare especially with eye fillet.
  • In the summer I cook them over a charcoal grill.
  • In winter I cook them in a heavy cast iron pan on the oven.
  • Cooking steaks correctly is an experience thing and each oven/pan combination will give you a different result….there are a few universal tricks though that will help you achieve a better result: always bring your steak up to room temperature an hour before cooking, this allows more even cooking and better heat distribution. Season your steaks just before cooking, otherwise the salt may draw out the juices and you’ll leave them behind.
  • I always finish my steaks in the pan with a knob of butter and handful of robust herbs (whatever I have around, thyme, rosemary etc), rest your meat.
  • No matter how good it looks straight out of the pan it will taste better five to ten minutes later resting in a warm place.

Bracu Restaurant Head Chef Mikey Newlands 2 (533x800)

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