The summer holidays have been and gone and we’ve all returned to life’s daily realities. With autumn approaching, now is the time for preserving seasonal fruit and vegetables for the winter.  This is a tried and tested way of making the most of seasonal produce and nourishing our families through food. For me, this conjures an image of a woman in the kitchen with pots boiling and jars on the bench, ready to envelop the goodness. However, this also begs the question, how do we need to preserve and nourish ourselves at this time of the year?

What can we do to preserve the remnants of that long distant summer holiday and the associated feel good endorphins? The post-holiday blues are common and can be difficult to deal with, but it is not all bad news. Here are my strategies to preserve those holiday feelings and kick those post-holiday blues into touch.

Try to figure out what it was about your holiday that made it so good. Maybe you enjoyed making time for that daily morning walk. Maybe it was catching up with friends and socialising, or day trips to different places. Perhaps it was something as simple as having the time to read a book from start to finish. Was it reconnecting with family in a relaxed environment? Spend some time reflecting and identifying what you enjoyed and why. The more time you spend digging into these thoughts and feelings, the better you will understand what brings you satisfaction.

During holidays, we tend to give ourselves permission to do things we enjoy. We are not so caught up in the busyness of life and tend to be more relaxed, happier and more carefree. So why is it that we only think we can do these things on our annual holiday? Surely we shouldn’t just wait for a once-a-year holiday to experience these good feelings. Life is not about having an annual experience, it is for living and experiencing 365 days a year.

Try to recreate those moments, experiences and feelings in your everyday life. Get a book, find a sunny possie and put your feet up. Schedule those morning walks. Plan catch ups with good friends. Start planning some mini-breaks or mini-experiences to look forward to. The list is endless as long as it is your list—things that make you feel relaxed and put you in a good space. This doesn’t have to stop just because summer has. Create plans today!

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