People are often amazed but when you work in and around food you often forget to eat.  When I ran a busy cafe I never finished breakfast, and hardly every remembered to stop for lunch.  I always thought when I had a “normal” job I would eat more regular meals.  But what I realise now is that there will always be something to distract me.

So this programme I have been doing with Deborah Murtagh from Healthy Kitchen has forced me to plan my meals.  With only two a day and a list of things I can’t eat, if I don’t plan I will starve, or worse still go off the rails.

Knowing what I am having for lunch each day actually helps.  It speeds up the process.  My timer goes off to say it’s lunchtime and I don’t sit and thinking what shall I have, I just get up and make it.  So once this programme is over this is one of the habits I hope to continue.

The other important lesson from this is that yes there will always be things that need doing but looking after my health, stopping for twenty minutes to eat and re charge is important.

You can also be smart.  You can plan to have leftovers from the night before for a quick and easy lunch, especially if you are on the go.  You can shop smarter by buying just what you need and avoiding waste, which is also good for the budget.

My food planner on our fridge

My food planner on our fridge

This is my go to salsa.  I make up a bowlful and spoon it over lettuce for a quick easy salad.  The juices from the salsa also make dressings unnecessary.

Simply finely chop some red or spring onion along with equal quantities of cucumber, capsicum and tomato.  Season lightly with salt and pepper and add in your favourite fresh herbs (I love basil or oregano).

It will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days.

salsa 004

Weight loss to date – 6kgs in a week and a half!


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