Now this is a great idea, especially if you live in New Zealand or Australia where Halloween and pumpkin season don’t coincide.  In fact I have never seen the orange pumpkins you see in on American TV in New Zealand and I don’t think our grey pumpkins are give quite the same effect.

To make these cute Jack o Lanterns use a sharp knife to cut out your face.  Then slice the top of the orange and scoop all the flesh out.  Then place a tea light inside and you are away laughing!



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  1. Love the orange lanterns and will be trying these out soon.. Have also seen orange lights made by cutting an orange/grapefruit in half. Scoop out the flesh very carefully leaving the pith central column attached to the skin at the bottom. Pour in a little oil and light the pith column as a wick. It’s a little fiddley but it does work.

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