Recipe: Megan Coupland from Red Kitchen, Te Awamutu | Photography: Brydie Thompson

I love this recipe!  For a gluten free cake it is very light. Part of its charm is it has not been adapted from a recipe that uses flour, instead each ingredient is there for a reason and you can tell the difference.
We make our own almond flour from whole almonds using the Vitamix at Red Kitchen. You can make almost any flour or icing sugar using a dry jug on your Vitamix. Try making coconut icing sugar!

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free

4 oranges
15g baking powder
310g ground blanched almonds
400g eggs (8 eggs)
310g caster sugar
375g orange slush

icing sugar
toasted slivered almonds

Put the oranges in a pot and just cover with water.  Simmer for one hour and 15 minutes.
Cool the oranges in the water, then drain before pureeing the oranges
Grease and line a 24cm cake tin.  Pre-heat oven to 170°C.
Whisk baking powder and ground almonds together.
Mix the eggs and sugar together till just combined. Do not beat the eggs too much as this will aerate the mix.
Add the orange slush and baking powder mixture, then mix gently till well combined.
Pour the mix into the tin and cook for approx. 80 minutes
Cool in the tin, and then cover gently and leave to rest overnight in the tin.
Make a mix of 1 cup of icing sugar and a tiny bit of boiling water to make into a thick liquid glaze. Drizzle back and forth over the cake so it results in a streaky glaze, and then cover with toasted almonds and another layer of the glaze. Serve with whipped cream.

Orange & Almond Cake2


  1. I have recently made this cake and was very pleased with the receip. Everyone who had a piece commented on how nice the cake was. The receip is very easy to follow. Next time I make this I am going to exchange the Oranges with Lemonade Lemons.

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