Onion Bhaji 2

If you like onion rings then you are sure to love our Onion Bhajis.  This is a great snack to have any time of the day.  In India, Onion Bhajis are usually served first with a cup of chai when guests arrive.

Serves 6

2 onions, thinly sliced
½ tsp carom seeds
½ tsp cumin seeds
¾ tsp ground tumeric
1 ¼ tsp tsp salt
Pinch of red chilli powder
Canola for deep frying
3 cups chickpea flour
1 ½ water
Chaat masala to garnish (optional)

Place sliced onions, carom and cumin seeds, turmeric, salt and chilli powder in a bowl and stir together.

Add oil to a large pan over a high heat so it is ready for frying when the batter is.

Working quickly, combine chickpea flour and water in a separate bowl to make the batter.  Whisk until batter has a smooth custard-like consistency.  Feel batter with your fingers and remove any small clumps of chickpea flour.  Immediately add batter to onion and spices and stir together with your hands .  Do not leave batter to sit as it will go watery and the onions bhajis will not come together correctly in the hot oil.

Make batter and onion mixture into a palm-sized fritter and carefully place in hot oil (the oil is ready when batter dropped into the oil rises to the surface).  Repeat with remaining mixture.  The bhajis can be a bit fiddly so it is best to fry one at a time.  Fry onion bhajis until golden brown.

Garnish with chaat masala, if wished.

Little India Onion Bhaji

This recipe is from Little India’s cookbook Little Indai at home.  Click here to read our review and more info on the book

Little India

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