Bowel movements and food intolerances were on the topic at our Healthy Kitchen class on Friday.  In fact I arrived home with a stools chart to stick in our toilet, something I am sure any visitors we have will be intrigued by.

Deborah teaches that “your bowel is the window to your digestive system and is constantly communicating the state of your health”.  This is why it is important you know what is normal and can recognise early signs that something may not be right.

Then we moved on to the massive topic of food intolerances.  Food intolerance is different to an allergy which is more serious and only affects around 4% of the population.  Intolerances on the other hand are a lot more prevalent, for instance 3 out of 4 people have a dairy intolerance, 1 in 3 have yeast or fructose intolerance and 1 out of 4 gluten.

Most people with a food intolerance are completely unaware that their symptoms (fatigue, weight fluctuations, bloating, anaemia ….) are related to food they commonly consume.  Deborah believes most food intolerances can be reversed or managed through treatment and diet.  But the more we eat the food the higher the chance we will develop an intolerance to it which is why the prevalence of intolerances to foods like dairy, gluten and sugar which are over consumed in our diets.

Theory out of the way we got cooking.

We made a simple yet delicious almond milk, perfect on porridge, of which we made two versions, one with oats soaked in whey and one with millet.  We made our own LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond).  This is something you can buy in the supermarket but is a lot better for you made fresh.  Murphy’s Law too as I just bought a big bag the day before our class.






Next a carrot cake using our LAS which was dairy and gluten free, then a muesli slice packed full of nuts and sweetened with honey.  And just when we thought we were full it was a gorgeous soup made with adzuki beans, spices, char grilled peppers and tomato then some walnut and blue cheese crackers.

Before we left for the day Deborah gave us a preview of her online school.  This will be a fantastic resource because there is just as much packed into every online lesson as there is in our classes but in the online school you can go back and watch it over and over again, refer back to the info and so on.  This is well worth checking out!


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