Good Coffee, this is something you can rely on from one of the Bay’s oldest coffee roasters, Excelso! Recently, buying Excelso coffee means you will be helping do some good. In less than a year, Excelso have raised enough money through the sale of Good.Coffee to provide clean drinking water for 317 people for life.
Jim Grafas, a co-founder of the Good Trust, was a regular at the roastery so approached Excelso with the Good.Coffee concept. “As soon as we heard more about it,” Carrie says, “we were sure it was a perfect fit for us.” Carrie says that they have been roasting more and more fair trade and ethically traded coffee “which means more money for the coffee farmers, their families and their communities. It is a great feeling to know, in some small way, that you are improving the health and well-being of a community which is what the Good.Trust are doing in providing clean drinking water to remote communities in Cambodia”.

The Good.Trust started in 2009 when friends Jim Grafas and Andrew Nicol decided they could use their business skills to help raise money to make a difference in the developing world. Jim says, “Initially we funded well projects in Kenya, Cambodia and Thailand as well as food and health projects in Liberia, Honduras and Ethiopia. So we were all over the place, wherever we saw need and people doing good work on the ground we got involved.”
After a trip to Cambodia in 2012 to see some of the projects, Good.Trust had funded they decided to concentrate their efforts in one place and Cambodia, with its proximity to New Zealand, among other factors, fitted the bill.
The World Bank says that one dollar invested in water projects in the third world results in eight dollars economic return. “This,” Jim says, “is due to the impact on education from kids not getting unwell as often and reducing travel times for women and children to source water.” Jim also points out that “water doesn’t have the complications that can sometimes be present in food programmes, such as putting pressure on local suppliers”.

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What makes the Good.Trust so unique is they guarantee every single dollar donated goes to the cause. Carrie says she loved this about them. “The guys behind the Good.Trust and Good.Coffee have such a passion for doing good and giving back. It is very inspirational. To know that the money raised can be tracked and you can find out where the well will be dug and the community that it will be helping is incredible.”

And while Jim says the Good.Trust is not necessarily always going to just be about water, with water “we could see a clear link for people supporting us, we knew we could provide true transparency and accountability, as we could establish that for $15 we could provide water to one person, for life”.
Good.Trust projects have so far funded clean water and education to over 5000 people, in addition our supporters have enabled us to support community health initiatives in Liberia, food programmes in Ethiopia and water for an orphanage in Honduras.

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