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Here in New Zealand we celebrate Christmas in Summer.  A bizzare concept for those from the Northern Hemisphere I know!  When most people around the world are looking forward to a white Christmas New Zealanders are hoping for a sunny day.  Which makes it slightly weird considering we are a country that takes many of our traditions from Britian, so on a sunny bright day in December you will find houses with snow painted on their windows, fat jolly old men sweating in a red suit that was not made for 25 degree heat.  And although some opt for the more relaxed BBQ style Christmas dinner many of our Christmas dinner traditions still focus arounda hearty winter meal of roast meat (ham or turkey, or in our family roast lamb) .  Then for dessert the rich fruit filled steamed pudding with a rich custard or brandy butter.

So in keeping with the spirit of Christmas tradition but making it a little more suited to our climate I have created a frozen Christmas pudding.  The mince I used was my Grandmothers famous recipe and in my opinion the best but you can use your own or store bought.  For that matter you could just simply soak some mixed fruit in brandy and rum and add them.

2 cups cream
1/2  375g tin of condensed milk
3 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla paste
1 tbsp sugar
2 cups fruit mince
½ cup slivered almonds, lightly toasted

Whip the egg whites in a clean stainless steel or glass bowl to stiff peaks.  Gradually beat in the sugar which will help the egg whites hold their form.

In a bigger bowl whip the cream.  When it is at soft peak stage slowly add the condensed milk and continue to beat until it is at the stiff peak stage.  Fold in the egg whites, fruit mince and almonds.

Line your mould with baking paper.  I used a 1.5-2 litre stainless steel bowl, but your traditional steam pudding basin will work or you could make individual ones with silicon muffin moulds.

Pour the ice cream into the mould, cover with cling film and freeze overnight.

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